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Poor Zimbabwe

The BBC reports that largely un-named activists and rights groups are attempting to get Zimbabwe banned from the international sale of diamonds.  The reason behind it is an alleged massacre of illegal diamond miners carried out by the Zimbabwean Army. The BBC’s examination of the evidence for this alleged massacre is limited and, naturally, one-sided.

The bigger question here, though, is this:  If one of the last remaining sources of cash for the Zimbabwean economy dries up, what do the activists and rights groups think will happen?  How will this benefit the people of Zimbabwe, diamond miners included?

Zimbabwe is already facing wide-spread food shortages.  Many world powers have hesitated to send food aid because they are hoping, more or less openly, that famine will lead to the fall of Robert Mugabe.

This is a modern version of the Vietnam-era policy of destroying the village to save the village.  As much as these same powers criticize Robert Mugabe for the suffering he has supposedly inflicted on the Zimbabwean people, their program is more and more suffering for the Zimbabwean people.  It can end, they promise, when Mugabe is gone…  in short, when the Zimbabwean people surrender completely to the dictates of their former colonial masters.

But even this promise is not to be taken seriously.  Years of bruising international sanctions and a increasing weather problems in Zimbabwe have caused long-term damage to the Zimbabwean economy.  If Mugabe and the ZANU-PF go, the sanctions may go with them, but so will any Anglo-American interest in the country.  Don’t expect the British and the Americans to rebuild Zimbabwe.  The country will be forgotten by the press, the “activists”, and everyone else outside of Africa the moment the Anglo-Americans accomplish their agenda.

At that point, Zimbabwe will be another broken third-world nation.  The only ways it could possibly get Anglo-American attention again would be to find oil or start harboring Al Qaeda.


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